What is Laminar?

Laminar is a platform that helps build API integrations faster.

Why do you need Laminar?

Building API integrations is hard.

SaaS businesses need custom integrations

B2B SaaS businesses normally have to integrate with their customers’ SaaS tools to close deals.

Custom integrations are expensive

Custom integrations require business logic to make sense of the data coming from external tools, which is complicated to make production ready. In this time, no product features are built.

Integration suites are hard to maintain

Integration suites are ever growing and hard to maintain, and require a lot of engineering time to build and maintain.

How does it work?

Laminar acts as a middleware between your system and the API you want to integrate with.

Laminar API Setup

Engineers specify how data should be transformed in Laminar using operations written in JSON.

Laminar Data Transformation

Sequences of data transformation operations are specified in jobs called Flows.

You can run a flow by sending a request to Laminar’s API with the flow’s ID.

Watch Laminar transform data in real-time

In this demo, we’ll be getting data from Square and transforming it into a format another system can use.


How does Laminar help?

Write less code for integrations.

Laminar’s data transformation operations are written in JSON, which is easier to write and maintain than production code, and can be updated outside of a sprint cycle.

With less production code to write, your engineers can ship integrations in 1-2 days instead of 1-2+ sprint cycles.

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