What are integrations?

Integrations are a way to connect your application to other applications and services. They allow you to send and receive data from other applications and services.

API integrations are painful to build.

  • Writing code to transform data of different formats is complicated and error prone; and
  • Managing different integration workflows based on arbitrary system state can quickly become a nightmare to maintain.

Custom integrations are required.

  • Normally in order to close deals with customers, integrations to their existing systems are required.
  • No two systems are the same, so custom business logic is always required to make sense of the data coming from external tools.

Integration suites are hard to maintain.

Integration suites are ever growing and hard to maintain, and require a lot of engineering time to build and maintain.

Spend drastically less time building integrations with Laminar.

Write less code for integrations and manage complex integration workflows on Laminar, and spend more time building your product.

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